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Dear Valued Customers,


After over 60 years of long workdays and nights, we realize that Tyler Electric has grown
beyond our ability to continue to provide the highest level of customer service for our alarm
customers. With that in mind, we have decided that it is in everyone’s best interest that we pass
along the ALARM part of our business to another well established, “family owned” and operated
Vermont based company by the name of The Royal Group, of Rutland, VT. The Royal Group
was established in 1935 by Bunnie Accavallo. In 1978, Bunnie’s son, Lee Accavallo, purchased
the company and guarded the Royal name with outstanding customer service and unequalled
workmanship for the next 41 years. In 2019, Lee’s son, Rex Accavallo, purchased Royal and his
commitment to the Royal values are as steadfast as Bunnie’s values were in 1935.

Beginning this November, we will turn over the alarm business to The Royal Group. Royal
brings close to 88 years’ experience and reputation to our customers. They are a three-
generation family business that brings quality workmanship and excellent customer service to
ensure that you continue to receive the kind of service you have come to expect from Tyler. We
put a lot of effort into choosing the right company to carry on the alarm portion of our company
with the same level of quality service. They also use a Vermont based central station monitoring
firm based in Stowe, VT.

We invite you to learn more about Royal by visiting their website: or by
calling Rex Accavallo, at 802-773-3313, or email Royal is considered one of
the top companies in home and business security, video surveillance cameras, locks and
locksmithing services, full glass and door services, glass showers, gun safes, jewelry and media
safes, and vaults.

You have always been our valued customer and have trusted us for many decades, for which we
are very thankful to you. We will be providing important contact information as we get closer to
this transition. Should you have any questions, Rex and I welcome your call.

We will still be there for you for all your electrical needs, including generator installations,
driveway alerts, landscape lighting, etc.


Brad Tyler

Licensed Electrical Contractors


Tyler Electric & Security Inc is a family owned and operated business serving the community for over 60 years.

Complete residential and commercial wiring services by licensed master electricians, offering installation and service of driveway alert systems, smart houses, underground services, audio-video and home theaters, and backup generator systems.


  • Commercial Wiring

  • Residential Wiring

  • Backup Generators - Installation & Service

  • Home Theater / Audio Visual - Installation & Service

Products - complete electrical wiring , home electronics & backup power systems:

  • Driveway Alerts

  • Smart Houses

  • Underground Services

  • Audio & Video

  • Home Theaters

  • Backup Generator Systems

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Conveniently Located at:
340 Route 30, Dorset, VT


Hours of Operation:
Monday - F
riday: 8am-5pm

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