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Our Services

We expertly handle all your commercial and residential electrical wiring needs.

From new wiring installations to inspection and maintenance to electrical upgrades, we offer a full range of expert services including:

New Construction Wiring: Executing the wiring specifications outlined in blueprints.

Electrical Upgrades: Remove all old wiring and install new wiring, including circuit breakers and new fixtures.

Electrical Maintenance: Inspections to ensure that the electrical systems in your commercial property are working properly.

Expert service and installation of specialty home security and low voltage systems, including:

  • Driveway Alerts Driveway

  • Smart Home Systems

  • Audio-Video Home Electronics

  • Home Theaters

  • Backup Generator Systems

Call For A Quote Today:

Conveniently Located at:
340 Route 30, Dorset, VT


Hours of Operation:
Monday - F
riday: 8am-5pm

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